Application tips

1. The first impression
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With the first impression the “selling yourself” already starts, allot of people under estimate this principle. Make sure you look sharp and fresh. With a first impression is a hardy handshake and a nice gesture in the beginning the best way to go to start a personal application talk.

2. Be prepared 
The best thing you can do before your talk is read through your CV carefully, to tackle upcoming questions. Also it’s important to study the job you are applying for. This makes the talk go allot smoother.

3. Positive attitude 
Try to have a positive attitude, positivity attracts people and you get way more done being positive.

4. Ask questions yourself
Asking questions yourself is not just to get more information, but also to show your conversation partner that your interested and active. You”ll also create a more intelligent image.

5. Honesty lasts longer
It is easy for your conversation partner to know that you’re not honest. It’s really no problem if you can’t or in some occasions don’t want to answer a question, just say so and the person will respect and understand this.