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The perfect job for you!

We at HumanChain know how hard it is to find the perfect job that doesn't only fit to you as a person, but also makes you want to come out of bed in the morning. We do anything to make the perfect match for everyone.

Students, starters and professionals

We create chances for students, starters and professionals. Personal after-care and guidance is our secret. Not only the world is constantly changing, also the job market doesn't stop moving. That's why, looking at the future is more important than ever!

No match? Join the "FlexHub"

Didn't find what you were looking for? Don't worry, simply register at the "FlexHub" so we always have your personal information at hand and contact you when we find something interesting for you.


The first step is a screening on the phone, in which we talk about what your looking for and what jobs you like. After that we check if you fit the job

Personal talk

The personal talk is meant to get to know each other a little bit better. We also explain what to expect from us and what we expect from you


When we didn’t find the perfect job for you directly, we check in this step what other possibilities are there for you at this moment or in the future

Got the job!

Congratulations with your new job!

Flexible, full of energy and future-orientated

We at HumanChain think it is important to be as flexible as we can be to the people that work for us and the companies we work for. That’s why communication is key, to ensure the future we want to offer. 

De job market is constantly changing, to be active in this is an art itself.

Bedrijven waar we mee samenwerken!